I apologize for my whining everyone

I am so sorry what I had said about my Thanksgiving experience. Truth is I have another health issue to deal with, tendinitis. And I am just soo tired of issues :sleepy: It makes me angry when I have prayed not to have any new issues and now I’ve got one. Shew!


There’s nowhere as comfortable as your own bed! I always think that. And visiting relatives is often a bit of a strain! :joy:

Harvest time in the UK and Thanksgiving in the US are centred upon some very basic provisions to be thankful for. Health is a basic: those who are in pain every day have a big challenge. Having to rely on others is a challenge too; there are many. But I’m constantly thankful for a comfortable bed, a warm, dry house, good food on the table and the company of those I love.

When I see the madness that is going on in war-torn parts of the world, there is plenty for me to be thankful for.

Best wishes always,


@Alison There is nothing like sleeping in your bed. Sometimes I even bring my own pillow when I go places.
Alison sounds like you are feeling low. The holidays can be hard.
We are here for you
Hugs Angela

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So, I hate traveling. Since my bleeds, it’s just incredibly hard. I become overwhelmed easily and require naps throughout the day to function. It’s not just you. And my family all had a stomach virus for Thanksgiving and we had to euthanize a dog. We’ve had better holidays! Lol. Onward!


Welcome to our community fishgirl924 :slightly_smiling_face: