I am on a TV programme showing what its like to live with an AVM which is being aired in America tonight!

The TV programme is called “Katie:My Beautiful Friends” and shows what is is like to live with disfigurement. I am on the first and last episode and it shows lots of my surgery and might help some people living with AVMs so i thought i would let you all know.
Its on Oprah’s network “OWN”. The episode will be airing on Tuesday Aug. 16th at 10pm. Then again re-peated on Tues. Aug 23rd at 9pm.

AWESOME! I can’t wait to watch! Is this Eastern Standard Time? Also do you know if they will stream it off their website after aired in case I miss it?

Yep it is eastern time. Hope it goes down well over there…it did really well over here.

Congratulations Chantelle - how proud you must be!!! :slight_smile:
I’ll be hoping to find the program online, as I don’t have cable.
Cheers & congrats to you,

Great thanks for sharing! Hopefully it will bring some more awareness of this rare condition! :slight_smile:

I really hope so hun!

Hi there chantelle! how are you? was this aired on tv a few montgs ago? was it your nose that was affected! if so you are very brave!! take care lv x x

COOL ! I will be sure to watch it.

That is so so cool! I need to find a way to watch it outside of America!! any ideas anyone?

Chantelle - Wow!!! I just finished watching this show and you are one brave young woman. Your story was so raw and candid, it brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful show, not just to showcase your experience with an AVM, but for all people who have a major physical change in their appearance. I hope you are doing well now and the flap on your nose is healed. Can you update us about your health? Thanks for doing the show and getting the word out about AVMs. What a difference a smart doctor makes Chantelle. Your medical team seemed amazing. So many questions to ask. Hope all is good. Keep the faith Chantelle:-) Hugs!!

Yes really cool… I will be watching as well !!!

I’ve just set my DVR to record it. Thanks for letting us know and you go girl! So excited to watch. In my area it reshowing on Saturday night at 10pm. You should be very proud of yourself!

I watched the show last night. All I can say is WOW! You are a beautfiul lady and I am so inspired by you. I had my daughters (12 and 9) watch too so they can understand how it’s wrong to judge someone or tease someone based on their appearance. They are somewhat sensitive to people with disabilities now that I am one of them, but I think they really learned something. I am looking forward to watching the rest of the series and am anxious to see what happens with your surgery. I was saddened to watch your marriage end and hope that you can work things out, if that is what you wish. Thank you for sharing your story with the world. You are so very brave! Best wishes!

I can’t wait to watch this tomorrow Chantelle - thank you :)))!!!

I had recorded the show and just got done watching it. It is a beautiful program and so touching. My AVM is brand new information to me and I was feeling alone and scared and felt dumb, that I am now having a secret medical condition that no one can see, but I feel and have trouble with everyday. I am so inspired by your stories and will hold a place in my heart for all of the stories I hear. God Bless.

Hi Chantelle,

Thank you for telling us about this show, but most of all, thank you for appearing in it and telling your story.

You did an excellent job, and I learned a lot. I’m sorry you’ve had to go through so much. I’m so pleased the procedure you underwent was so successful, and I’m looking forward to seeing the last episode of the show. I recorded the first one so I can re-watch it sometime soon.

You are just as cute as a bug in a rug, and I wish all the best for you in your AVM and LIFE journey.

Hi Chantelle! Thank you so very much for sharing your story - this was so very courageous of you and you did a stellar job!!! I hope that your recovery from surgery is giong well :))!!!


Hi, I don’t have the Oprah Network “OWN”. Did anyone make a copy of it so that I could borrow?

I have it on my DVR Louisa … maybe a trip from RI to NH one of these days :)!

Wow. I watched this earlier today and it was so inspiring. How long has it been since that was recorded? I really admire you since I too have an AVM but you couldn’t tell by looking at me. Your story just gives me so much hope. Did you get any deficits or anything besides disfigurement on your face? You’re such a beautiful young lady and I wish everything from here on out goes wonderful for you. :slight_smile: