How long until I can walk again

I was wondering if anyone ever suffered through hemiparesis due to a rupturr. And if so about how long did it take to walk or go bacj to a sorta “normal”. Ive been in inpatient for 2months and just started outpatient I was walking assisted with a waker but I miss doing things myself I am a mom to a one year old so Im desperate to just feel kinda normal again so if someone went through a similar recovery about how long does it take? I had a craniotomy I was diagnosed on my 1st rupture back in april of this year but there was no damage I coud walk the next day etc this rupture that occured in august 17 needed a craniotomy to relieve pressire and remove two grade 4 avms and 3 aneurisms and an embolization. I know it takes time Ive already accomplished so much but I want a rough estimate if possible. Plus my left arm was the most affected I feel Im asking for too much I just wanf to walk my arm can wait Im a righty anyways. I literally cry everyday its so frustrating and no one understands my frustration. My vision was also affected so I apologize for my spelling mistakes.

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It took me 3 months to walk with a walker; six months before I got rid of the cane and I walked a 5K at 1 year.
took me 3 months to lift my left arm above my head.
2 years since my rupture and craniotomy I can pretty much walk any distance just to have some balance and coordination issues… kind of walk like a drunken sailor sometimes.
stay strong and keep fighting. It will get better!

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My physical therapist had to keep reminding me to stop worrying about the when and be greatful for the present progress. I will tell you it really helped. Everyone is different in the journey. I can walk short distances without help, I use a walker or a wheelchair. I was at the hospital yesterday and they were all shaking my hand. They told me that my servival was amazing, the fact that I have function is beyond belief. I know that it’s hard to keep up with a little one, just keep reminding yourself that you are still here even if you can’t do all that you did before.


its not the keeping up with my son, its the waiting, Ive been waiting for months. for surgery, removal of the avm, to be ok after my induced coma, to go to inpatient rehab to get discharged from inpatient also back from neuro icu discharge…its not me being inpatient Im just done waiting with all of this Ive started waiting on everything avm related since april and its november! I just want the light at the end of the tunnel

it is a long tunnel; step by step, day by day… that is all we can do.

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I think Mike and Kook are absolutely right. Unfortunately, from what I’ve read of other people’s stories, full recovery, or let’s say 95%+ recovery is one of the most patience-testing things in the known universe. It takes a heck of a long time.

But. You WILL get there. You CAN get back to a good state of health and be a full part of your family again. Don’t let the very slow progress get you down. It is progress and every small increment is worth achieving. It’s the greatest trial but you will get there.

Very best wishes



Yup had a feeling its going to be a loooong tunnel :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Teiry, I am four years into the journey and can use a walker adapted for my W.H.O. Besides left side motor, My balance and spatial awareness was affected. I have a therapist who specializes in stroke recoveryusing the Neuro - Ifrah method. We begin with good stretching and work on my balance, which includes confidence. We finish the session with some walking usually with him hovering near me on my afflicted left side and I “walk” knowing he will not let me fall. He’s 250#, i’m 205. He focuses on proper technique and not just getting by. Hip-hiking and leaning right to sling the left around are not accepted. The lady who subs when he can’t make it does the same, but backs up in front of me. Were it not for my balance issues, I would probably be moving around a lot better. I’ver had some falls with no injury, hence the confidence issue. We are both certain it is a when and not if I’ll walk again with little to no assistance. You can run out of gas on the last lap, but you can never quit. Please stay with it. Get away from any negative online groups - and there are plenty of them - and remain hopeful. Life is what we make it.
Be blessed and stay well.

Thank you! Today I actually felt stronger in therapy my pt and ot use the make me work method they certainly dont make it easier for me lol we shall see how I progress. In the meantime Im back on my platform walker. it will be 3 months since my second rupture and craniotomy tomorrow. Taking it day by day though! Today I had a good laugh with my speech therapist too. It helped a lot I dont remember the last time I laughed that much.

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Hi my AVM in my spine ruptured over 30 yrs ago n from that day I was paralysed n haven’t walked since. Saying this treatment has improved so much since so you’ve just got to keep asking yr consultant what yr prognosis is likely to be. I pray that yr mobility will improve… Diane x x

Im so sorry to hear that Dize, they just said with therapy I will regain everything back

Stay strong and fight like hell everyday. Thank God every single moment because it could of been worse- you are alive!!! This has helped me throughout my own recovery. xo.

Hi Teiry

My AVM was over 33 years ago when there wasn’t much treatment for them.

These days there are early diagnosis, mri n ct scans, Gamma knives, keyhole surgery etc.

I will pray that you’ll make a full discovery

X x