How all can see my replies:

I am new to this group, and I have no experience about posting comments etc. (I have no face book account; well, had one, but I have no track of it). I replied to one of the comments. I am not sure whether all can see or not. Hence, I am pasting it again here:
Thank you all for welcoming me. I was in a little pain; hence, my delayed reply to you all. (Had an embo on June 8th)

My AVM/AVF is dural. This sucker is a smart one, and making new connections. Like a whack-a-mole. I have been thru 4 embo, and still hearing swishing/gurgling sound. The doctor is asking me to have patience; he is not sure how many times he has to go. I am scheduled for another one in late July. The doctor assured me that if he had to do a crianotomy, that'd would be relatively an easier one once he plugged in my most of the connections. In the ,mean time, it is running havoc with my career, job, ins etc. I have not seen any posting here where anyone has gone thru so many Embos; I am curious to know a couple of things:
1. How many of the members here in a good shape without a Crianotomy?
2. How many of you have gone thru so many embos?


PS: Doctor saw retrograde bleeding into my cortical v (whatever), and worried, and stopping that one first.

Welcome Rumee. I also had a dural AV fistula in May 2011, which was embolised. I had an angiogram 9 months later to make sure it was obliterated. I’ve learned, from this website, that some people believe if the AVM isn’t totally obliterated, it can grow back. The gold standard for determining this, is an angiogram. You can click on my picture to see the details of my AVF,(scroll down to the bottom). If you go to the top Right hand side of this page, enter “can avms grow back” in the white box and Press the search icon. Discussions about this should appear. Every AVM is different so you cannot judge what is normal and what is not, but you may want to get a second opinion.