Another long week....Bethany was in the hospital this week. She had an alergic reaction to her medication. She is better now but scared me to death. On the bright side, her sisters came home and she did things her therpist have been for weeks to get her to do...roll over. She can roll from tummy to back and get her bottom part to move with her. She can lay on her tummy and lift her self p to look around. Her trunk gets strong by the day!

I'm so glad Bethany's strength and mobility are improving, Veronica. Thanks for sharing her progress with us!

I am happy to hear the progress Bethany has made even through the struggle of the allergic reaction. I hope you are getting some rest and that beautiful smile on her face shows you that she is proud of herself and her strong family. Bless you all.

Sorry to hear of the scare you had, but happy Bethany is making
progress! Keep it up, sweetie! Our thoughts and prayers are on Bethany!