Hi SusanT
yeah think i’m ready and agree with everyone else we have to live life as normally as possible or spend it affraid to do anything, so roll on summer Yippee

Hi Marcia
Thats a shame about Mongolia but your right 17 weeks is a totally diff thing from 1 week! I am going to go as want something nice this year since last 1/4 of 2007 was pants haha

ha ha ye Amanda i hate that stuff aswell , well lucky you enjoy when you go ?

My son flew 53 days after his surgery, in his doctor opinion it is not a problem and it was really not. But as every case is different, your doctor opinion has to come first. xx

Hi Erica
I will ask - if i ever get my app from hospital through! x

My Specialist said that flying wouldn’t be a problem. I’ve done lots of flights within Australia with no effect, but I feel the Thailand flight did effect me, as I’ve been feeling a bit off, a week or 2 after I came home. (no bleed though) I was told not to take Disprin, Neurophen, Steroids or anything that thins the blood

Yeah Tim the thread seems to be flights ok but long haul not the best idea so i’ll just be hopping across to france i think Ooo la la :wink:

Has anybody found a travel insurance that will cover AVM, that does not require you to be a permenant resident of the UK or the USA. So far all the companies willing to insure AVM are only for these two countries. Any help would be appreciated.

I’ve flown to four different places since my sophomore year in high school and I’m a freshman in college right now. I found out about my AVM after my second trip. The trip is actually what triggered all my symptoms, before it I had very mild dizziness issues and only sometimes, but after I came back from Poland my junior spring break it got incredibly worse. I could barely walk straight for a while until a neuro put me on Gabapentin, which I’m still on. I noticed also after going to Hawaii last spring break that I was having the dizziness issues again when I came home. I didn’t really experience much during the trip but I’m guessing that’s because we were always so busy and when I came home I was just crashing.
I’ve also never had surgery on my AVM yet so that could change things too. It hasn’t really changed how often I fly or whether I do or don’t, I just am a little more cautious when I get back home and schedule some recuperation days and double dose on my Gabapentin.
I hope you two have a blast on your trip!! I am still in love with Disney and I just turned 19 :slight_smile:
Rachel Allgor

This is a very interesting question since I’ve been a professional in the Aviation business for over 20 years. First, I will begin with me as a person who suffered an AVM and has flown around the world for extensive periods of time on an airplane (13hr’s + sometimes). In my case, I cannot say that I’ve had any physical side effects or otherwise I wouldn’t be flying today. Now, of course let’s remember that my AVM occurred in 1988 and it’s been several decades old. But, I will share with you a true story when I was released from the hospital about two weeks later.

When I was released about one month later I wanted to go to an amusement park that was my childhood playground (30 minutes from my hometown) since I was a little boy. I was still relying on a wheelchair and despite the fears expressed by my parents, I insisted on getting on a roller-coaster. Well, as it turned out it was the thrill of a lifetime for me as I was able to not only enjoy it but, to be able to walk away without any harm or discomfort. Now, I caution everyone on this board not to go out and do as I did but, simply understand that I made a decision to do what I wanted to do because it is what I desired at that moment.

Now, back to the flight question. I believe you must make that decision based on the advice of your health-care professionals. And, then ultimately you must decide what you want to do as an adult. Hopefully, this does not confuse or contradict anything you may have been told.

Kind regards,


P.S. The only long-term side effect is not being able to look straight up at the sky without getting dizzy. The solution according to my neurosurgeon- “Then you simply don’t look straight up if it bothers you” :wink:

I had an AVM that bled on November 15, 2009, and I have almost recovered from stroke, still have some sympotms but able to work now. I took my first flight last week after 4 docs said it was okay to fly, and not any more dangerous than anything else i do on a daily basis (they said not to run any marathons or lift heavy weights though). I flew direct even though more $ though because I knew if i did happen to have a second bleed I knew the Docs i would want to see in both cities (New Orleans & Boston). on Thursday I fly back to New Orleans after meeting with neurosurgeon here in Boston. Then i Need to make some decisions…but thats another story! Good to read here how soon people have flown after surgery! that is also on my list for the boston docs tomorrow! I will let you know what he says about it!

I flew from Louisville, Kentucky to Las Vegas and back with no problem at all.

Hello Kimberly! I have a question. I flew yesterday from NJ to Miami. the plane had to go a bit higher then usual because of bad weather. I suddenly felt bad pressure in my head and lost vision. not sure for how long. when i got my vision back i felt like i was spinning for a few minutes. felt like throwing up and bad headache. after an hour into the flight i started to feel a bit better but still had a headache. I feel fine now but still have a little headache. should i worry about this? I flew 4 times this year and i was ok. this is the first time this happened to me. I had a tiny bleed in 2005, Surgeon said there’s nothing they can do because of the location.

Kimberly Nolan said:

I flew from Louisville, Kentucky to Las Vegas and back with no problem at all.

Cabin pressure should not be an issue, since commercial airplanes are generally pressurized. You may want to avoid long-distance flights due to the possibility of an in-flight bleed. I travel overseas for business pretty regularly. All such travel is on hold until I get this dang thing obliterated.