Help at last for stroke victims who are left with only half a life Interesting read! 1 out of 3 in a stroke may have visual problems, wouldnt it be great to have that removed…

Wow interesting! Thanks for sharing!!! :slight_smile:

That is wonderful news! Thank you for sharing!

Found a bit of info and video - unsure exactly how much visual u can “bring back” as it were…also unsure exactly what is meant to happen with the stimulation but will try to get more info.

I have the exact result they are talking about in this article. I had an AVM and a bleed and craniotomy 50 years ago, and only recently learned about hemi-neglect. I am really blind to the left in both eyes, but never knew I forgot I had a left side. But I do, it’s real. I am not crazy. Thank you. If anyone learns more about this, please let me know.


Yes, dont feel crazy - check through the link, its well documentered. Ive been in contact with the doctor in question - if you wish i can give you his email. He contacted me within 2 days so i would hope he could help you in some way. Unfortunately this new procedure in the uk but if successful im sure it could be given to the US in time…

yes, please, his email would be great. Do you have the same problem? Thanks.

ive sent you an email with the contac :slight_smile:

No, i had the stroke on the other side; so dont have the same problem. I was hoping that the electrode would improve my vision, and at the moment the treatment is still new and its not been tried for other side survivors, but for you this could really help.