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Hi guys
I just need a little help as you may have read my story already I will
It short it’s the 1st anniversary today of my ruptured brain AVM I need a little help over the last week not continuously but every now and again I have started terrible. Shooting pains in my head. Is this normal after having gammon knife treatment I am at six month post treatment stage I’m just getting very concerned, I’m not sure whether I need to see someone or whether this is just normal and I’ve just got to get on with it. Just wondered if there are any of you who have had gammon knife surgery who had the symptoms?


I will start this by saying, when in doubt or you have concerns, seeking medical assistance is never the wrong answer. We are all so different, but I did have similar about 6 months after gamma knife. They are affectionately referred to as “ice pick” headaches. Mine were sudden and sharp, and then subsided after a short duration. this occurred over a few months and they slowly became infrequent and I have not experienced any in years now. I had GK in 2016. It is about 6 months post gamma that swelling is most likely to show up. I had some but none to the point of needing medication, like steroids.

I will say again if you 7th sense says to go see a Dr., make sure you listen! If you click on the magnifying glass on the top right and enter ice pick, you will see a number of threads, mostly older, where people discuss what they experience. I hope this helps a little, Take Care, John


Hi Ally,
Yes Ive had these shooting, stabbing pains in my head , they come on suddenly and stop me in my tracks as they’re so painful then they go. I’ve had them on and off since gamna knife- for nearly 6 years now! However they are much less frequent. It’s always best to get everything checked out though. Gill

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From experience - it’s a slippery slope, I have been to ER about a dozen times since I had my bleed & embolization in 2020. Almost every time for different symptoms.

I also had a few extreme shoot pain incidents that I didn’t even go in for

But, like they told me at BNI - come in if you feel it’s necessary

Thank you for your reply mine just seem more frequent of late and they bring me to my knees I have a appointment in 18th of march so hopefully find out more then