Hello Everyone..just wanted to give an update on my husband Avery

He had to have a c-spine MRI at the beginning of October. The dr. called to let us know that he had some ruptured disc’s and some that were broken and in need of repair. The report was sent to his neurologist in Nashville and he got Avery an appointment with a neurosurgeon. We went on the 27th of October and the neuo said that his neck had to be fixed or he could possibly end up paralyzed . So they scheduled the surgery for November 4th in Nashville. We are nervous because he has never been put to sleep for this long since his first bleed. But we know that the good Lord is going to be with us and the people taking care of my sweety! Take care. Love and prayers to all!

Hi Liz,

My love and prayers to both of you as well.

Take care,