Heading to Denver for #14

I’m heading to Denver this weekend for surgery #14 with Dr. Yakes on Monday morning. We leave on the direct red eye flight after all the 4th of July activities and might get a glimpse of the fireworks display which is scheduled after midnight since it doesn’t really get dark in Alaska in the summer.

Our big display is in February during our winter carnival called the Fur Rendezvous. It is not dark all winter like some might believe and these are set off downtown about 6:30 pm after sunset.

That’s so interesting about the fireworks being after midnight! I hope you saw some of them and have had a safe trip to Denver. THinking of you now Allison and hoping your “14th” !! went well. Let us know how you are when you can.

Hello from one a former Yakes patient. I live just outside of Denver too! Hope all went well!!