Headed to Houston

I have left side facial paralysis. Looking at doing a cross face nerve graft. It is supposed to connect the working right side nerves to viable left side muscle to give symmetrical movement. Wish me luck!

All the best, Jeremy! I look forward to a successful update! :slight_smile:

I’m a go for surgery. Best case I will gain some movement in the paralyzed side in 4 months. Then symmetrical movement after another surgery in about a year

I wish you the best, Jeremy. Keep on pushing in the right direction…

I’ve had surgery now. Recovery in Houston about 10 days. Not much pain. I lay a little strength and balance being off my feet. Slept a lot. Because the dr spliced into the nerves instead of severing them, no loss in any pre existing functions in my face/tongue. Robbed nerves out of my legs made numb areas on the tops/sides of my feet. Sock and shoes feel funny. Now to just wait for the nerves to grow in.

Jeremy, Glad your in recovery and sounds like some great surgery , I hope everything went well :) , Sleep is just the best thing for anyone recovering from any surgery and helps the body repair :) , Take care my friend and speak to you soon.


That’s great, Jeremy. It sounds like the doc did a great job. It’s amazing - splicing nerves. I wish you the best on recovery and success in your facial goals.