Headaches and Driving

I’ve had a headache every day since my second craniotomy 6 months ago. Some days mildly, at least once a week are migraines. I’m recently on Topomax and use Percocet for the migraines. I now find that car rides, especially long ones of two hours or more make the headaches much worse and I get car sick which is new for me. Dramamine helps just a little. I would love to blame it on my wife’s driving, but she just drives too darn good! Does anyone else have trouble riding in a car? If so what do you do? Doctors don’t know why this happens.

Hello Ramon,

Anything used to trigger a headache for me including riding in the car and basically being up and about for an extended period of time. Up until a few weeks ago I was getting mine at the least 4 times a week. I got so paranoid of taking so much medicine that I've quit taking medicine unless it's a throbbing one. I too had my craniotomy 6 months ago. Now I'm able to go a week without any.

So, I have this crazy theory about the migraines. I know I'm completely wrong since I think they're caused by the blood vessels getting blocked. A good friend of mine was diagnosed with spinal cancer about 7 years ago when we were 25. She let me know that her Dr. told her that the migraines she had growing up (and she had a lot) were caused by the plates in her skull rubbing against each other. This was also a prelude to her rare cancer. Anyhow, since the bones are attempting to fuse together after my surgery, I seem to think that the fusing is what is causing mine.

Again, just crazy talk. I hope your headaches go away soon!