Headaches after Embolization

Sadie (10 year old) had her glue embo done Monday. They did a little more than 50% of her 2.5cm in her right temporal lobe AVM. She is getting severe headaches. We spent one in ICU then they sent us home. Her dr said she should have no headaches! Please help with any advice and tell me it’s normal to have some, but they go
away. Thank you.

Hi Tawnya,

The brain can be temporarily swollen from the embo, which can cause headaches. My husband had terrible post-embo headaches for some time after surgery–if he went on any kind of an outing in the first 3 weeks post-embo, he was out of commission with a headache and exhaustion for the rest of the day. He still gets the occasional headache, but nothing like that.

Keep the doctor updated, though–he should WANT you to call if anything seems amiss. You’re not being difficult if you call to talk about Sadie’s recovery.

Is she getting the rest of the AVM embolized? My husband’s surgeon strongly suggested doing the 2 embos as close together as possible–roughly 2 months apart–so he wouldn’t have to go through a full recovery twice. There might be split opinions on that, but considering how long recovery takes in the end, I do think we went through a shorter recovery time in total by following his advice.

Keep us posted!

Tawnya, Alex had severe headaches after her first embo…They gave her steroids, which can cause headaches by themselves. But we were also told that the swelling can cause them and also the rerouting of the blood from the part of the AVM that was shut down. Alex was in the hospital for three nights due to them, and still has them, although they are somewhat better and they have increased her dosage of ibuprofren, which seems to help.
I can’t seem to backspace here but it’s been a month – hers was JUly 12.

Thanks JH :slight_smile: Hers are to be 2 months apart as well. I hope he is feeling better.
Oh wow…a month ago :frowning: So sorry to hear that. We actually just got back from the hospital again. She was readmitted. She was there today when you all were. She had severe headaches and some vision issues. So we went back for a CT and she was admitted. CT scan was unchanged from Tuesday. Thank God.