Headache/ coudiness

At times when I get extremely stressed or tired, I often find myself getting a blinding headache that fills my head with fogginess and it makes me want to just curl up and go to sleep.
Sometimes if I push past it and do what I need to better I eventually end up getting rid of it and being able to get more done but it is so hard to want to overcome this need to just stop and let it take over.
I want to ask you all, what you find to be the best strategy, do you stand up to that feeling and say no I will beat you? Or do you let it take over and just shut down for the day?

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It depends on just how bad the headache is & what all is going on. Sometimes I take a Maxalt & keep on working. (I teach 9th grade Resourse level English & reading). If I'm at home, I take the Maxalt & go to bed.

Trying to get enough sleep helps, too. That & my daily dose of Nortriptylene help keep the migraines less frequent & less intense during the school year.

I tend to just shut down. My headaches are the WORST from October to May when its fall to spring when the weather is cold, windy etc, I live in NY! During the summer I can try and push through the headaches like you do but I can still tend to get "bullied" by my headaches and end up in bed for a day or two. And end up taking pain pills to deal with them. I hate it I feel like Im missing out on life and I cant help with my son (whos 8) and leave everything for my husband who works all day :( Maybe one day when this AVM is gone so will these horrid headaches!

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I live in NY state too, not the city but in NY. I remember that feeling, I hope you feel better soon.
Ah sleep with a 3 and 5 year old, does not really come so easily. I also have had issues sleeping before that, I am glad that you can get through the day though. :-)