Has anyone had gamma-knife radiation on a grade 1 or grade 2 AVM?

just got diagnosed with one a few months ago, it’s in the inferior left temporal region, so not at the surface but not too deep either… I have an angiogram scheduled for a few weeks and yes I know, I’ll wait for the final results but I’m just curious if anyone has ever opted or advised to do radiation over surgery on a grade 1 or grade 2 AVM… and if so, how did you feel post-op? timeline for recovery in your personal case?

thank you :slight_smile:

I know you were asking about grade 1 and 2 but I had gamma knife on a grade 3 in the right thalamus. I had it back on Sept 1st this year , the symptoms I had after were auras in my vision . the headaches prior to gamma knife arnt as frequent but I did have an episode of ice pick headaches for about a week 3 weeks ago but I did have those prior to gamma knife, and I still feel fatigue in the head.

Welcome! We have a couple things in common! I had a Grade 2 AVM left temporal on the inside of the lobe. It showed itself in May 2016 when it felt the need to bleed. Mine was grade 1 size but location made it a 2. Gamma knife presented far less risk than craniotomy due to location, so in November of 2016 I had gamma knife. I had gamma on a Thursday and was at work on Monday. Discomfort from the frame but other than some swelling several months after it was all very smooth for me. In February 2019 I had another angio and got the all clear. Take Care, John.