Happy Valentines Day!

Be it yesterday or today - I wish you love .

Any day that is a reminder that truly we have all been loved and that we have loved is a wonderful day .

Every day should be so easily and readily associated with the mushy love stuff ...

Commercialism aside or not , love comes about in many faces , forms and foot - falls .

It is best when we open up and let it in because love breeds love and it is hearty and grows on us and in us in spite of as well as because of who and what we are .

We choose to accept all of the parts that make us whole and do the same for those we grow fond of and come to care about .

Love is meant to be accepted as it is given -

by open hands , with open arms , from an open heart .

Love is the gift of never ending possibilities because it goes from one to the other to the next , and so it grows ....

I wish you love and a soft , warm place to rest your head .

God bless! You too Mary Anne - well said! xoxox Mare