Had the 1-year post check

Had yesterday the one year post check. 1 hour contrast MRT.
Complete spinal cord. Then the professor looked with me the results: No big swelling / myelopathie anymore !!! little myeloptahie signals, but that is normal and no sign for new avm. He was little sad and frustrated bout the visible damage of the spinal cord (you know, when swelling is away, the damage is visible). But I was so happy no problem i said ^^. But next year again - he told me every year we make this check up......

So friends: Isnt this a good sign? I think, if after one year is no new swelling - so it cannot be next year? Sure? Yes I hope and pray !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay for you, Michael and thank you for posting this blog!

This is a very good sign, and I am so happy to hear good news from you, Michael. My son will be dancing in Hamburg next year, and I am moving to Amsterdam. Perhaps we will have a chance to meet sometime.

Thank you! And sure would be great dancermom to meet sometime. I live in southtern Germany, Bavaria (Augsburg, near Munich) !

I have good friends moving to Munich. I'll let you know when I am visiting there.