Groin pain

before my avm ruptured i had 2 embolizations through the femural artery. the first went well. after the second, post op was extremely painful and i have had groin pain ever since, over 6 years now. anybody have knowledge or experience with this?

No experiance with that but something must be causing the pain. Maybe scar at the incision point? Have you had it checked out?

Hi Karen
Is the area swollen at all? Have you been checked for a hernia?

yes, and ortho did hip injection thinking it was my hip. i know that's not what it is. i know it's from the embolization, but the doctors aren't hearing me. it's very frustrating. sometimes i can't even walk. i'm going to try a vascular doctor - if i can find one. know what they're called?

Hi Karen. I'm new to this site - I am an advocate for my 29 year old daughter who started out basically with an AVM in her right buttock and down her right leg about 3 years ago after she delivered twins. I'm sorry to hear your frustrated...we are very much to that point right now. I strong faith in God is carrying us. Where are you from? My daughter lives in Dallas, TX and has had 3 surgeries where they placed coils and plugs and then 3 in NYC where they did glue embolizations. Each time she is better for a little while, but then the pain returns with a vengeance. She has to change doctors because of her insurance so is a bit "lost". I'd be glad to correspond with you if that would help. Her Interventional Radiologist was top in his field - his name was Dr. Rosen in NYC at Lenox Hill Hospital. It was hard to fly there every three months, and now with him not participating in her insurance - she has no choice but find someone else - and maybe even something different than glue embolization. My prayers are with you as you search for answers. My daughter has 3 little ones under the age of 3. She's a busy mom but has to sit on a boppy pillow, travel in a car as little as possible, and has to use a cane. She needs to be able to talk to others who are having the same pain, etc.

Praying for you and the others on this site who are hurting so badly!

Donna Rinkenberger

Hello Karen
I am sorry to hear this- doctors can have tunnel vision and treat us the only way they know or a cookie cutter approach which I can not stand. I have fired so many doctors because of this. Where do you live? Maybe someone of this site can recommend someone in or near your area. You would want a Vascular neurosurgeon.
I only ask about the hernia cause my mother had one for almost a year before the doctors figured it out after she went to emergency and it was a femoral hernia.

i live in n.j., near philadelphia. i will check out vascular neurosurgeon in my area. thanks for info.

Yeap. A few years for me. Mine is from a lot of angiograms. Some days are better than others. The doctor told me it's scar tissue.


Hello Karen,

same here. After spinal angiography (left side) I have now, after weeks of pain, the diagnosis: hernia. How are you today?