Glorious weekend

I wanted to share with you my weekend just gone…

My family are currently visiting from the UK…I only managed to get 2 days off while they were here as I have used all my sick & annual leave owing for the whole entire year…(bloody AVM!)…hardy hooo… The two days prior to the weekend the weather was rainy and well not that fun… then on the friday i awoke and the sky was the most beautiful blue i had ever seen in a long time…the birds where chirping and the sun was high in the sky…I set off on the road to the sunshine coast for some family time…we booked into a lovely apartment on the noosa river and set up shop.

Saturday we hired a boat on the river and the sky again was beautiful and the sun glorious…i done some doughnuts in the boat and soaked up the vitamin D the sun was omitting for what felt like just me…its was then on to the coast where we walked for 6 hours trekking the cliffs to see the surfers catching their waves and the dolphins swimming to the sounds of the ocean spray…

Sunday we hit the markets for some quiet time, then we went some where out to dine…all in all i had so much fun - this world is beautiful and i feel like life has just begun!


awww! its a shame the weather is so nice and we are in autumn coming into winter! cant beat that… ha ha

Sounds lovely! england is as beautiful as here - sometimes you just have to look a bit closer! :stuck_out_tongue: I Love snow…and the bluebells…everything about the UK i miss so much!

i have a fondness for the flowers… i have a lot of pictures i have taken of flowers in my garden, when i get my bloody blue tooth working again i shall post some and we can put them to test! …i have some beautiful orchards and gerberas, gardenias, azaelias and my favourite roses

Sounds wondeful, Jaszi! Especially the part about the dolphins…did you take any photos?

It was a pretty Spring weekend here. I enjoyed it from the couch, but that’s okay…we opened the sliding glass door to thdeck and enjoyed the view and the breeze!

Hi Jaszi,
Thanks for adding me to your friends list. Your weekend sounds like a dream. It’s amazing how these AVM’s change our life as we take time to really hear the birds singing, feel the sun on our face, and spend time with the ones we love! Wow, girl, I read your bio, how did you get into a brawl? I can’t believe someone would hurt you like that? That terrible.
The summer has arrived here. I’m so happy . Love it. I laid my white butt out in the sun yesterday, and it felt so great to finally get some color on this body of mine. I feel so much healthier with color. Do you know what I mean?Stay in touch and let me know how you make out!
Sending Angel light and love…d