Getting Short Now

My craniotomy is scheduled for Wednesday morning. Anyone have any last minute words of advice?

Stay Strong & Positive!

Breathe. Best wishes. We're routing for you!

Thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep us updated.

Staying positive does help! Also, get someone to bring you some of your favorite easy to eat comfort food. (I was so happy when my husband bought me a bowl of gumbo after I left ICU. I was also craving chicken & dumplings, which I made for myself a week after I went home.) And chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Wishing you a successful procedure, with a full recovery.

I have caught this a little late maybe as I guess you may already be having the procedure, As Louisa said stay positive, This is a very good place to start, Rest and then rest some more :) , I found after my 2 surgeries that was the key to recovery, Getting as much sleep as you can even during the day and just take it easy, Set small goals and when you start to hit those goals you'll know that your making progress no matter how small or large it is. :) , Take care and good luck.


Best advise I can give is to look at it as a long road. Surgery has its hurdles. So does recovery. You’ll have to get over them all over the rest of your life. I had my surgery back in November. Was in a wheelchair a long time. I’m somewhere between a walker and free walking now. Best of luck and don’t get discouraged. You have the rest of your life to make progress.

I know I'm a little late, I haven't been as active lately because I've been in and out of the hospital, and although I haven't had the surgery yet (I'm on my 2nd of 6 embolization's) I do know how stressful the entire ordeal can be, from being admitted to the time spent in ICU, I encourage you to be as positive as possible, that positivity will carry through the harder moments and I also encourage you to appreciate all the small milestones you will have during your recovery.

You are in my prayers
God Bless....and remember: You got this! :-)

I know im late also but be strong, positive and have faith...please keep us posted on the outcome and God bless!

well, I'm back now. Wow,it is hard to type now. So hard. Anyway, I had the craniotomy [sorry can't figure out how to fix it] as scheduled on Wednesday. I'm feeling very weak and tired now, but alive. My wife has been super through this ordeal. When I'm better, I'm going to take such good care of her. She is my superstar right now though. Well, this is too hard so I'm signing off.

Wonderful news!

Congratulations! So glad you made it! :slight_smile: