Good day for imagination. Somebody has given you $5,000 to take a vacation and relax and forget out AVMs for a while … Where would you go??

My daughters and I have had vacations on our minds, so I thought it might be fun to at least dream :slight_smile: … Our choice would be Disney World. (Maybe lame, but it will always be our favorite vacation spot).

Hi Tina,

I like your question. What a wonderful idea! My father use to say: "Dreams are one thing no one can take away from you" (smiles). I think I'm coming with you (ha ha), Disney World sounds great.

I have to think about this. I did a lot of traveling when I was younger and there isn't really any place I want to go any more. Hmmm? ... I think I would go to CA (I live in PA)and visit some friends and relatives. Or.. I would go to the New England states and eat fresh sea food every day. Yum Yum. Or.. Yea, I have another Idea. I would hire a limo and do a bunch of day trips and eat out every day. That way I won't have to cook either. lol I think that's the one I would end up doing. -- a bunch of day trips with a limo driver (smiles).

This daydreaming could get me in trouble. I have a bunch of ideas now. lol


Hey Tina...great topic! If somebody has given me $5,000 to take a vacation, I would definitely go to Greece. I would also like to visit Panama. My maternal grandmother is from there, and I would love to visit her hometown. :-)

Oooooh. That sounds really good!

Hawaii. I just love the beach, & I had just returned from Europe a month before my AVM blew so yeah.

I love to travel and taking vacations since my diagnosis has helped me forget about my hospitalization and my AVM.

I think I would go down to South America and visit Patagonia. I was supposed to take my small plane from Texas to Patagonia this past December but things happened and we couldn’t go.