Gamma knife

i got the gamma knife surgery a year ago, the DR said it could take upto 2 years to shrink it, i was wondering is anyone else had the gamma knife and theres shrunk before the 2 year mark?

I have had gamme knife but sorry I have had it done twice :( Still waiting for it to go away. Hope your AVM shrinks soon for you!!!

Hi Tabitha..... I had Gamma knife on my AVM. Its my understanding that the radiation process starts working when it is initially done. But is works slowly, so the process could take up to two years. My Dr. required me to go back and have an angiogram done a year after my Gamma Knife.

i really think its luck of the draw - each AVM will be unique, every bleed is slightly different, every GKR doses will have different variables? As long as you havent had any side effects and im sure some of the AVM will be removed, a blessing no matter what :)