Have any of you all had trouble with getting a dentist to fill a cavity because of seizures. My doctors will not ok me for dental work. And are afraid to tell the dentist that it is safe to do whatever they need. I am not sure if it is because they are afraid that I could have a seizure in the middle of the thing or what. But I am starting to get extremely frustrated. So I thought well I will just go to another Dentist and he asked for my info as well and was going to ask for permission from my doctors. I told him not to bother… What am I supposed to do if I have a cavity and need to get it take care of? It is so frustrating to have to deal with things that I am going through and something so SIMPLE as getting a cavity filled is blown way out of proportion. AHHHH!!! Ok…im taking a deep breath now. lol. Anyone else have a similar situation since they have seizures? And it isn’t like I shake or swallow my tongue when I have a seizure because mine aren’t that bad. I just kind of go out of it for a bout a minute or so (according to my husband) and then I just have trouble with forming words…but I know exactly where I am and everything.

well the things is the first place I went to U Of L dental school where they had a hospital like right next door. I was so upset… I dont know where else to go. I have never herd of a hospital oral care unit…I will do some research and see if I can find one. Thanks for the advice Liam :slight_smile:

Done a search online for one and I would have to drive 3 states just to get to one. And thats just for a mayo clinic. That is crazy! I’m going to call some people tomorrow around here and see what they suggest. But thanks so much for your advice.

Can you believe this…my family doctor is going to get a hold of my dentist and ok the dental work. I’m so glad!!! I just dont understand why my specialist wouldn’t. but I am so happy that at least my family doctor would. :slight_smile: I know things will be fine while I am getting the cavity filled and so does my family doctor.

what is the update on this because john wanted to get his braces and other dental work done i havnt even asked his radio neruo surgeon yet for any advice on it he is only thirteen and whats braces now so that when he is Senior he can get them out before then