From dilantin to tegretol

Arter levels going up and down for 16 months and a seizure due to low level . They are finaly taking me off of Dilantin . They have to take me off slow … I wil take300 Dilantin +400 Tegretol a day at first . Not sure how long it takes to only be on Tegretol ?..DOES ANYONE TAKE TEGRETOL AND WHAT ARE SIDE AFFECTS ???

Okay, well at least they have acted on it finally! I hope Tegretol has less affects than Dilantin. I looked it up in my “Drug dictionary” and it says that it usually has very few side effects. It also says if you dose is too high, you may experience dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, and blurred vision so you should tell you doctor and they may need to lower your dose. Hope this helps. There are probably lots of others on here taking it. Take care Pauline.

Thank you Joy

hi pauline,
i currently take 1400mgs of tegrotol a day…i have been taking it since june 2007 and have only ever experienced occassional constipation… hope it works well for you…feel free to ask me any other questions you may have in regards to it…take care mate xxx

Thanks Alicia I am nervious about the switch . I don’t want to have another seizure !

Hi Pauline! I’m not familiar with this new medication, but after the chat that we had last week, it sounds like it’s a good thing that you’re finally at least getting a chance to try out something other than Dilantin.

Thanks for the info Irene

Jacob is on Tegretol (retard) its just a slower releasing version.
He has been on it since June 2008 and has had no side effects to date.

How are you getting on with it now?

Thank you Clare So for the Tegertol is working well for me.I feel back to normal. One more week of Dilantin, than i’ts gone . That stuff was a pain.The one thing I noticed is my nails and hair grows faster …not a bad thing.

i was on that dilantin first, i was allergic to it. then i started tegretol. did it for a year then a new neruo dr said it is not the best for women. One reason is for ostioperostis (cant spell it) brittle bones. but i didn’t have any side effects. I’m on keppra and there is no need for blood levels. like you need on tegretol. but each person is different, i hope you have good luck with it.

Thank you Andrea so far Tegretol is working. I’m just not sure for how long. I hate the switching.I wonder if maybe i should take calcium pills>>>