Friiiiday! AjOKE

Thought I'd share since humor is Good for the Left Brain!! My 2 favorite words start with F! Friday guessed it! Just a joke, no offense intended!!

I didn't know you liked FOOTBALL. (grin)

Ron, KS

Lovvve it! I have 4 sons, of course, I love Football! And.... and thanks for making me laugh all over again!! It's the joke that keeps on giving! But I will confess, I myself am a Cowboys kinda girl! Whole lotta rings in that stadium!

That's teriffic Nicole. After surgery & coma, I had just word I could say and it wasn't Friday OR Football!! Lol. No offense taken my friend. XX

Ok, it is no longer Friday but Nicole I thought you might appreciate this... my favorite shirt says Whiskey Tango Foxtrot... adult code ... lol. Hope you're doing well :J (Football... yeah... football)