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Consider this part 3 in my series on rambling…

  • Got a call from the attorney today - hearing for the appeal is Agust 28. Originally told 15-20 months, that’s month 11, so here’s hoping.
  • Met with the headache doc this morning. Meds are showing some very small improvement. Think 100 yd dash vs. Marathon, but it made doc happy. And I’ll take a couple of half hour to hour breaks from headaches.
  • Went in with next steps clearly lined up. Doc tried three times to get me to consider Botox injectons. I really don’t want anyone putting anything in my head besides for food and meds. My wife, daughter and I (also known as 2 Meds and a Dad) walked out with our plan given the green light.
  • Doc doesn’t think that my cognitive challenges are because of the meds. Maybe some from the Amytryptiline, but the others don’t mess with the memory and speech part of the brain. So we are starting to put together a plan for what to do if it turns out that it isn’t the meds - and get on those people’s waiting list.

Now a question for you - actually probably more than one. I’m a tech geek. I don’t have budgets for high end stuff, but I love trying different things on them. The cognitive challenges I’m dealing with make me wonder if there are any innovative programs, apps etc. that help with:
-Short term memory loss - have you ever changed a password on one page and when you went back to the other one to use the new password, it wasn’t correct? Yeah, I forgot a password in less than 20 seconds. embarassing to admit anywhere other than here.

  • Missing words - whether it’s writing or speaking, there are times where I don’t put words in, even if I know they are supposed to be there.

  • Huh? There have been so many times where I say something and my wife (bless her patience) says, “Huh?” Because I wasn’t making sense.

  • ADHD squared. I know about ADHD and 3 of my kids have it to some degree. Mine went up exponentially with this.

So, do any of our wonderful people (and even the not quite wonderful ones) have any ideas on programs, apps etc. that could help any of these issues, I’d love to hear it.

Thanks in advance,

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Grammarly for basic word/English neuances. (

Keep for notetaking.

Keep works crossplatform. Not sure about grammarly, but my wife and fellow former students introduced me to them.

Hope that helps!

@TJ127 one tech thing that I love is my chrome laptop it can save all your passwords and you no no longer need Microsoft
And when working with google docs spreadsheet it automatically saves everything you are working on if you forget.
Plus they are cheap and you get free memory with it
The only thing I don’t like is no cd read or writing availablity that I have seen yet built in.
I do also like to help my brain issues.


ModSupport here, TJ! We love your ramblings, as I’m sure the members of your community do.

Angela4, I’m with you on that one! Google apps have made my life a lot simpler too, and added to my Chromebook, have greatly reduced the stress of my tech-life. And here’s a behind-the-scenes “did you know”: all of Ben’s Friends, aside from the platform which use for our communities (called Discourse), runs pretty much exclusively on google apps. Makes life simple and simpler is good! And I’m in love with my Chromebook, which was an impulse purchase. I saw a good deal on one, and came home with it thinking, “Are you nuts?”. Best impulse purchase ever!

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LOL, learned something new today: Keep! What a great tool!