Follow up to my son Kevin

I wanted to say I am overwhelmed by the support given to me. It has helped me beyond words.
My son Kevin signed up to be an organ donor a couple of years ago. This was not something he did lightly, as he spoke to my wife and I about it in detail and decided he wanted to do it. I spoke with the hospital yesterday and Kevin's gifts will benefit over 100 different people, some waiting at hospitals around the country for a miracle, which my son has now given them. There are heroes in all aspects of life. Some heroes rush into burning buildings, or jump to a raging ocean. There are heroes in our military who risk their lives everyday. Then there are heroes who simply make a decision to give...
My son Kevin is a true hero.

That's wonderful, William. One hundred people will be forever grateful to your son. Thank you for sharing this with us.

What a very courageous thing for your Son to do. Such a loving and enduring gift!

You deserve to be very proud of him.

God Bless,
Ron, KS

I am so sorry for your loss and will keep your family in my prayers. My sister received a heart transplant 6 years ago. Each year on the anniversary of her surgery I thank God for her miracle and I pray for the family who lost a loved one. She is here only because of a great person like your son!

Oh my goodness…Kevin must have been such a special young man! Thank you for sharing with us his legacy of the gift of life!

What an overwhelming act of courage and generosity. It bespeaks not only to the kind of man Kevin was but also to the parents who raised him. There is no bigger gift than the gift of life. Thank you for the gift of Kevin for he is now helping over 100 people to live.

William, your son Kevin is certainly a true heroe! About 6 months ago, a 12 year old little girl, had a massave brain bleed and her organs were also donated. She told her parients before she even knew she had an AVM that she wanted to be an organ donator. Her patients have been contacted by at least one of the people who' life was saved from her organ. Please know my deepest sympathy is for your entire family...Kevin was an angel in your life for such a short period of time!

Yes I do believe my son to be a hero. I was contacted by the hospital Thursday evening and as of 10:00 pm they recovered his heart, liver, both lungs, both kidneys and his pancreas and they were at that time being shipped to waiting recipients who were being prepped for sugery to receive their new organs. I am so grateful for my son's generosity and hope that everyone will learn more about this simple act of life

I am sorry for your loss, but this is phenomenal. I am glad your son can keep on living through so many people! He and you and your family are true heroes.

What an incredible person Kevin must have been. He will forever live in the people for whom he gave the gift of life.

What a wonderful young man your son was...a true hero to all those people! I am so deeply sorry for your loss, William.

Kevin is a very special young man who will be remembered for a very long time by those he helped. I am truly sorry for your loss.

That is awesome, Kevin will always be helping many! Blessings to you all!