First Day Back to Work


After 10 weeks not working, I went back today. Right now I have a headache. I am thinking it is a tension headache. At least I hope it is. I was so afraid I would be so tired at work I would have a hard time trying to stay awake. That didn't happen at all. I spent the entire day rearranging my things that the sub had rearranged. I was also looking for for some of my personal things which I never did find. When I said something to the teacher I work with about it her comment, was I have to expect that being out so long. I wonder how she would feel if some one went and rearranged all of her files and even threw away things that she needed to back up her grades for her students? That is what happened to me. I know subs at schools do not always do things the same way the teacher they are replacing do things, so I did expect to come back to a mess, but I did not expect to come back to everything in a different place and to have personal things entirely gone. Tomorrow after school I am going to have to go replace all the personal things that have vanished. Yes they are small things like pens I use to color code things and my comb. But it is still money I have to put out again. Plus it is going to probably take me the rest of the week to put all the paperwork back where it should be. The good part of this is I am going to be too busy to even have time to be able to fall asleep. I'm sure this may sound sort of a petty gripe but as one of my principals told me once I can be very anal about thing. But over all the day went good. At one point a student came in to the room and sat down at my desk and started talking to me as if I hadn't been gone even a day... Then all of a sudden she looks at me and say "You're back" I loved it. That did put a smile on my face for most of the rest of the day. I'm off to take a nap and try and get rid of this headache..

Hi there. I'm glad to hear that your first day at work went well. I can understand how you feel about your personal items. I don't like it when others remove my personal items, either. It's sweet that your student was happy to have you back!

I hope that your headache gets better, and that the your first week back at work goes wonderfully.