Finally some relief!

So after about 9 long months, multiple procedures and a total of 11 AVMs removed from my kidneys I finally feel as if thing as getting back on track…Slowly but making progress for sure!

My specialists have recently prescribed blood pressure medication in the hope that keeping my blood pressure on the lower side will reduce the pressure on my kidneys which will hopefully prevent further bleeds.

Since my last procedure, just over two weeks ago my symptoms have finally started to clear up.
After 9 months of haematuria it seems strange not having it. ( sorry for the overshare)

A question for anyone reading, I know Ive never come across anyone else with renal AVMs however have any of you experienced hair loss, blurred vision, poor memory and limb numbness? I have had multiple MRIs to confirm nothing on my spine and brain however none of my previous AVMs have shown on any scan so it is still rather concerning…