'Facial' reactions

I have been aspiring to be a beauty queen since Grade One, but I have long accepted that dreaming about it is the closest thing I could ever have since I look plain and dull.

I started to have facial asymmetry when I was 13. A year of therapy had done something good about it, though a trained eye could still be able to mark me down. Last year, I acquired it again but physiotherapy could not do something about it anymore so…

Of course, I would like to be able to smile gainly again but I became more concerned now with the saliva flowing down my shirt. Unexpectedly. Uncontrollably. Unconvincingly. I may not just have observed this before but it started to irk me last month when something sticky would flow from my lips onto my shirt without me noticing at once.

I had thought that, when it comes to my face, it would just be my smile I would have to get used to (tears flowing through my right eye only didn’t become an issue to me). Now I found out that my condition has resulted to other things that could harden my pact with my third life.