Embolizations on Friday the 27th done. Thank you all on this board!

Well- it is done! Hopefully no more nightmarish pulsatile bleeding! Also, hopefully I will get to keep my toes.

According to Dr Brahler the IR who did the angiogram and embolizations - the procedure went well. I got two embolizations , 100% occlusion on the area where the pulsatile bleeding was coming from and another at 80% that was on the verge of bleeding and if left unaltered would have bled as well. Thankfully the procedure was done to hopefully prevent bleeding from that portion of my AVM. Both embolizations were done with glue and one with a little bit of alcohol according to the Dr.

Now, I just have to wait and see if my toes survive. Crossing my fingers that they do!

I am experiencing some significant pain and lack of sleep. and I am hoping the pain management regime I am on is sufficient to address that.

I want to thank everyone on this board. Your support has been invaluable. I am truly grateful for this message board and all of the wonderful, helpful people here. I don’t know what I would have done with out your help and helping me through my irrational fear of general anesthesia. Which by the way was great. I am no longer afraid of that part of the process.

Thank you all so much. I really appreciate you all.



Hi Wdc, That’s very welcome news. Congratulations on going through with the procedures and anaesthesia. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you. (Sorry I couldn’t resist.) Best wishes, Greg


Haha!! Greg. A little bit of humor about this is definitely helpful. Thank you. All the best to you Greg.

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Great news. It’s so encouraging to hear this. Take care

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Well done!

I can relate to the irrational fear part. While I was not so bothered about the general anaesthetic, I can honestly say that I worried more about my [brain] embolisation than was helpful and, it seems to me, more than I needed to. I think a lot of it is the fear of the unknown, so that is why I hang around here and try to dispel some unknowns. That you found some of the help here to get you through better than otherwise is just perfect. Really pleased that we’ve helped you a little along the way.

You do know that we’ll be interested to know how you get on? I’m hoping your toes make it through ok, as well.

Best wishes!


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Hi Dick,
Thanks. Yes this community helped me with the fear of getting the procedure a lot. Part of my fear with the anesthesia had to do with some unpleasant experiences I had as a child in hospitals due to severe asthma attacks and how they would treat them then. It has to do with being in control or losing control.

So far the toes are looking good. The podiatrist said everything looks good so far. Still have a large sore and stitches to be removed but over all things are going well. Thank you so much for the support and help.

All the best to you!


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