I had my embolization today. They said they got about about 3/4 of it closed, but there was one small healthy vessel that also got some of the onyx. They were waiting until after today to decide what the next step is, and while my neuro hoped for radiation, it’s sounding like surgery the way we are heading. I’m experiencing some speech deficits as well as right side weakness, loss of control and sensation, and dizziness. I hope these are all temporary side effects.

That’s a good question for your doctor. After my second embolization I had a little eyesight issue but seems to have cleared up. Going for my third one on Monday and I’ve found that each time is different. Good luck❤️


Well done! Embolisation isn’t as easy as it sounds. I felt quite poorly after my embolisation but it has got better over quite a long time.

I hope you’ve got some temporary effects, too, rather than anything more. Be positive: they’ll go away. I’m sure it’s too early for the docs to tell you one way or the other yet. Good luck!

Very best wishes for your recovery and do tell us as you go in for any further treatment: we’ll be thinking of you.

With love,