Embolization triggered growth

Hi I’m new here.

I have a facial AVM which grew rapidly during pregnancy. I had it embolized two weeks ago prior to surgery in 4 weeks time.

I’ve had quite a few issues since and found out yesterday that the embolization has shut off one area but shunted the growth to another and I’m now booked in for another embolization in 12 days.

Has anything similar happened to anyone else and what was the outcome? I’m now worried that the same thing will happen after the next embolization and I will never make it to surgery.

Welcome Monique! I’m a totally different case than you, brain AVM, bleed and gamma knife so can’t pass any personal experience or knowledge along. I thought I would say a quick welcome. Take Care, John.

I’m so sorry that happened to you Monique. Like you, my avm grew rapidly with pregnancy BUT so far my avm has remained inactive and has died off thanks to my embolization. It hasn’t been an easy journey since the embolization disabled me on my left side and it has been 2 years of hard work to regain many things back in exception of my left hand. My avm was in the right parietal part of my brain and I still have 2 aneurysms left - 1 which is getting fixed in August and I’m petrified to see the outcomes instead of excited.