Embo #1

My invitation to the UMC was in the mail today, February 18th.
I am expected to check in on Tuesday March 10th at 10.30 am.
The first embolization is planned for Wednesday 11th at 9.30 am.

Kerstin,im sorry,i didnt know you were going in for embr,thanks for posting that for me,ill be praying for ya my friend,its a blessing from what i hear ,the embr really helps alot for avm’s,almost wish my doc ordered that for me,just had the gamma as you know,and its a sit and wait game for me,please keep me posted to the good news ok:) thinking about ya my friend,caroline

Hi Kerstin
You must be pleased that things are finally moving forward. Keep us posted on how it goes.
Soili xx

Kerstin, great news that you now have a date and things are progressing. I hope that everything goes well. How many embo’s are they planning for you?

Good luck, Kerstin!

Good luck for the procedure Kerstin.

Thank you all for wishing me luck for the embolization, I might just need it!
Had a letter in the mail today with papers to fill in and sign, concerning the aneasthetic.
I have had operations before but none that were anywhere near as complicated, or took as long. I haven’t really been told yet how long I’ll be staying in the hospital afterwards; at first I was told 4-5 days and in the letter I had today it says I’m going to the shortstay unit. What’s short to them?
I guess some of my questions will be answered on Feb. 24 when I have to go in for pre-operative screening.
Shalon, they were talking about 2, and then radiation afterwards. I don’t feel like starting… Soili, I’m pleased in a way, at least the waiting is over… but I’m still scared things might change for the worse.
Caroline & Connie, I’m glad to know you both especially, on facebook and here :heart: thanks for being in my life, and thank you Mindy for your good wishes too :slight_smile: