Just curious who drives againAnd how long you waited? Any suggestions if Im eager to get my independence back?

I want to know how many people never loss their license. Yikes - yet another variable!

I’m back to driving, never lost my license, but never had any seizures. I was driving about a month after my surgery, but only on surface streets. I started driving on the freeway about 5 months after surgery. I couldn’t stand not having my independence and it was even more of a stress trying to negotiate public transportation!!

My drivers license was suspended after my surgeon completed his report on my condition.

I went through driver's training when I was living at the rehabilitation center (that was about 4months after the surgery). After that I had to take it once more a month later to get paper work filled out to say I was safe to operate a vihicle.

11 months after my operation I had a phone interview with a representative from the DMV. After several questions I made an appointment for an official driving test.

The test consisted of regular surface street, freeway driving and knowledge of my condition. Everything from parking, backing the car in and the instructor asked me to answer several questions while I was driving.

At the end of the test I parking the car and the instructor told me I passed. My licensed was reactivated and I was able to drive home.

Took almost a year but I also think I needed that time to get used to my condition.

Good luck

I never lost my licence, however, I couldn’t drive for 4mths BEFORE surgery as I had a lot of dizziness and falls due to the dizziness. Was in hospital for 3 months and was cleared by the Neuro to start driving again 12 months after surgery. I know it sounds awful but remember that all AVM’s are different.

As far as I know my doctors have never told the DMV I was not suitable for driving but they did tell me I shouldn’t. While I miss driving and the independence immensely, I know it is not safe for me to drive. There was a safe driving program in the rehab unit I was in but I wasn’t even a candidate when I was there. Check with your doctor to see if they think you can drive. Be safe!

Thanks everyone. Information helps! I never surrendered my liscence And I passed the vision screening when I had to change bregistration cause we moved from Florida to PennsylvaniaMy husband sold my car in the year after the accident when I was in the rehab facility I didn't need it! So I guess I can drive--If I had a car!Good news either way

Thanks for everyone's input. Sounds like most everyone is driving beside me!


It’s getting nicer out where you might be able to ride an adult trike. As for driving, I’m not there yet.

Ha! Julie, I have an adult trike and I love it!! I can’t drive a car but I sure can tool around on my trike!

julie marie anderson said:

It's getting nicer out where you might be able to ride an adult trike. As for driving, I'm not there yet.

i am not and i realised why.after all the operations all the situation of the avm despite the fact that we are the first candidates to have seizure speaking for me i have hemianopia it’s called almost like that, so my field of vision is less now and it’s hard to drive.maybe i will not be able to drive again.check if you have hemianopia

my husband was diagnosed on feb.10th 2011. on the 14th he was supposed to have his first embo but they found an aneurysm that had to be fixed first. after the surgery he got pneumonia and meningitous(both from surgery) also had a hemorigic stroke. on march 30th the surgeon told him he coul drive if he felt like it. dont know what it will be like after final embos and crainiotomy.

I never lost my license either. Did your Doctor tell the State?

I can’t drive. Find it hugely annoying. Have to focus on the positive - I can cycle.

I had an AVM bleed in my right parietal lobe, which injured an eye nerve, so my peripheral vision has been gone. It has been about two years, but my eyesight is slowly improving. My doctor will not allow me to drive until my eyesight back back completely. I’m relying on mass transit to get around. I’m learning to be patient.

I was told i could start driving 2 weeks after the surgery. But i don’t drive on the highways i mainly stick to the main or side streets where i am more comfortable. I never really drove the highways anyways. As far as i know the dr. never said anything to the DMV, but I don’t think there ever was any reason for him to.

I started back to driving about 9 months after my surgery. I still have not driven on the freeway and it has been since August 2009. I do not feel secure about driving on freeway .

Thankfully I drove about a month after surgery. Being my eye sight left me for awhile. I was thankful it came back and drive daily now.I didnt have seizures either so that helped. When I get tired though DH drives. Which is evenings & weekends…