Drinking Coffee with an AVM

I was wondering what the status is for drinking coffee 3 months after an AVM. My docotor said I could have 1 alcoholic drink with dinner if I would like but I forgot to ask about coffee (caffeine). Thoughts?

I would call your doctor and ask. However, I found this old discussion which you might find interesting…http://www.avmsurvivors.org/forum/topics/effects-of-caffeine?commentId=1543517%3AComment%3A454179

I echo Barbara in asking your dr.
When first diagnosed I developed an intolerance to coffee (yet could tolerate Diet Coke).
I’ll never know if it was my brain, or medication…

I started drinking coffee again after my AVM, it's been almost 2 years (Wow, it seems like yesterday...) and I started getting really flustered about things, shaky, and disconnected and not being able to think about how to get from A to Z. My neurologist said that it was probably the coffee and caffeine.

I find it strange that you would have to ask (no offense intended). After my bleed I was put in rehab where they actually prescribed me caffeine to stave off headaches instead of always getting dillaudid or norco. They made me drink a cola with lunch and dinner and recommended 1 7-8oz cup of coffee (I chose a latte) a day. I'm an extreme coffee drinker so I was relieved to hear this was my new "Prescription." The only time I don't drink coffee is when I'm in the midst of one of my infamous migraines because my stomach can't hold it down. I would ask my Dr. if I was you though as every case is different. But, in my own [unprofessional] opinion, however, if he said you are allowed a small amount of alcohol a day, then I can't see why coffee wouldn't be allowed

Thank you all so much for your help! This site and everyone on it is amazing and very helpful!!

I drink coffee/coffee drinks regularly during the school year, but nothing much seems to happen. Sugar may have more effects on me these days than coffee, personally.

A lot depends on whether you have an active AVM. If you do you would definetly want to consult your doc about it, due to elevated heart rate making you more apt to have a bleed. If you do not have an active bleed, I'm sure you are ok. I drink decaf for a different reason myself, in that I have nitril valve prolapse....