Drink and Drive

Hey thanks everyone for the fantastic feedback.
Listen to me?? two questions I had can I drink and can I drive with AVM!!!
I really want to assure you all that I don't intend to do both of these activities at the same time!!!!
Good comments regarding the driving. Its' just that I currently do around 4000 - 5000km per month with work, so driving is a big thing to be considered.
If I have to have some kind of "stand down" period then well and good. If I couldn't drive at all or least for a very long time after my operation then I would have to consider my current job or start looking now for something that doesn't require driving.
Drinking very nice wine is a pleasure I would like to keep - if I could - It would just make me feel normal still, rather this person who feels is drifting around in a bubble since I was diagnosed with AVM.

I can fully appreciate those of you who feel different. I really can.
I have become distant with my Wife since I found out, not intentionally, but that's how I deal with things. I don't want to be a burden.
I feel as though its my fault that I have brought this on everyone. We were right in the middle of some quite life changing plans. This has brought a complete stop to this until I get it all sorted out.

Hi Stuart,

I would talk to your doc about driving for sure. If you are having seizure issues they will probably have you stop driving for a little but until you are able to get the seizures under control. However if you are like me and don't have any seizure issues with your AVM you should be okay to drive.

I had a brain hemmorage from an aneurysm and had brain surgery. The doc released me to drive the day that I was released from the hospital and I am able to drive now with no restrictions other than wearing my glasses which has always been a restriction for me.

As for drinking, again i would ask your doctors. I was never much of a drinker but after my AVM diagnosis i decided now was the best time to stop drinking all together. I used to have a glass of wine maybe once a month and i stopped that even though my doc told me that having one drink a week would be fine (especially if it is red wine...which he loves apparently :p). But i figure why bother when I don't really drink in the first place.

But whatever you do, don't drink and drive at the same time!! :p

First, dont be distant with your wife :) I know that is not the question that you asked but i am telling you. You will not be a burden to her. In fact, being distant IS going to be more of a burden.

As for the drink and drive question... your title is going to scare people away. hahaha

Wine, i can totally relate as I am french. haha I miss my wine. I just listen to my Doctor and dont drink :) I had surgery 5 weeks ago and i am not sure when i can drink again, but its not like i drank every day and would be devastated if i cant drink again. I will move on :) So i would just ask your Doctor!

Driving. I was told by my neuro ophthalmologist last week that i am legally ok to drive, but that doesnt mean i should. I get confused and even tho i can see ok with a patch on, its not the best to drive with only one eye, even tho its legal. Once the confusion is not as frequent, i can focus strictly on the driving and not the "thinking". but do i think its safe for me to do it now? no!! can I or am i permitted to, yes. Again, ask your Doctor!