Double vision, ataxia, small headache

I had double vision 2/12/18 plus a lot of pressure in my head. Yesterday I had a small headache and couldn’t walk straight. I felt kinda like I did yesterday this morning, but it went away. I am going to call my seizure doctors office in a little bit. I asked about the double vision the day it happened because I was an hour late to work the day that happened. I also felt extremely dizzy that day too. My husband kept telling me just to keep my eyes closed. They said it may have been some sort of seizure? But with these other symptoms now I am beginning to wonder. I have had NO change in medications. I have had radiation done 3 times since 2012. AVM has not resolved as of yet. Can you have brain swelling and no big headache or would it be worse. I did have pretty bad one on 3/4/18. Luckily that was a Sunday, so I could take something that would knock me out.


I was in hospital today and a woman in the waiting room was busy shouting at the staff about her medication for IIH (Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension). I hadn’t the foggiest idea what IIH is, so I looked it up here.

I don’t think you’ve got IIH but reading through the symptoms, and this is all about increased intracranial pressure, the chief symptom listed “most commonly the… sixth nerve is involved. This nerve supplies the muscle that pulls the eye outward. Those with sixth nerve palsy, therefore, experience horizontal double vision.”

So… Maybe you’ve got a bit of intracranial pressure going on? Causes of intracranial pressure would include brain swelling, so if you know you’ve got a bit of swelling still going on, might be a reason for double vision.

… all learnt because of a slightly narky woman being loud in neurology outpatients this afternoon…

If it helps, great. Otherwise might be just random.


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