Double vision and nerve pain after 2nd gamma knife. Were you able to get help with these after-effects?

Six months after my 2nd gamma knife I developed double vision. I also started having nerve pain from hip to toe in my right leg. That was back in 1993 and I still have those problems.

Double Vision:
Prisms do not help me. I just do the best I can.

Nerve Pain:
This is a burning sensation that is always there but it gets worse at times, especially at night. I was on tegretol for 4 years but it didn't help at all. I've also tried neurontin. This didn't help either. I'm now taking Lyrica as needed. It makes my vision more difficult and it leaves me kind of groggy so I only take it at night and don't plan any driving the next morning. I'm not really sure if it helps or not.

If you've had either one of these problems after your Gamma Knife, were you able to find any relief or improvement with any medication or treatment?

Susan in Minneapolis

Have you ever had your vitamin B levels tested?

Hi, Susan, I hope this search will help you:

I haven’t checked this avm site for a very long time. The link you so kindly posted doesn’t work anymore. Is there a way I can access the information you were giving me? Thank you!

I’ve updated the link so that it works. We moved platforms in 2016, so the way in which links worked changed at that point.

You can also use the magnifying glass at the top of each page and enter things like “double vision” as the search term.

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