Does the AVM affect your study?

I just wondering, and just want to know. As a teenager we study and go to school everyday right?
So does your AVM affect your study? Grades?

Well it does affected my study after i found out the avm though. It's good if you want to share :)

My one was found about a month after my finals in high school, but I had always crossed my legs pretty oddly at school, because otherwise my leg hurted pretty badly and now I found a reason to it, so yeah, it affected that I always had to think that how it wouldn't hurt so much

Yes it does, before my AVM I was an A student now imhappy just to be passing. Also too much thinking hurts my brain.

I feel like mine affects my study, the headaches make it really difficult for me to focus

mine ruptured but before school was so easy for me. I was the smarest but not yeah passing is nice. Strabismus and neuropathy make it hard to focus. My memory is bad too so remembering the material and writing it down has been a struggle

Yeah, I was an A student at a college prep school, in my senior year when my AVM ruptured. Now, I’m retaking 8 th grade algebra at my local public school. I know HOW to do the work, but just remembering TO do the work is hard. I want to be able to go to college, like my friends, so badly. I have trouble knowing how to start working. Memory problems having a HUGE impact!

Any suggestions on how to deal with the memory stuff?

It affected mine :confused:

It was difficult for me to study for a while due to the nystagmus I had. That went away over time.

Then it was difficult to focus on anything over any period, and that went away over time.

Then I had difficulty with different cognitive functions and memory, but that also went away with time.

The brain is pretty cool, it like to fix the things that are wrong with it. It's the same idea that is behind working out, the more you exercise some muscle or something, the more it will grow and heal. I didn't believe people when they told me this at first, but it has definitely proven to be true.

Well, my AVM is located on my leg - sometimes it hurts so much I can't walk, let alone going to school. Because of it, my school attendance is pretty low, and hence - my grades are drooping also :(