Do I need any test done?

Hello guys, I read all ur posts. My brother passed away last November and it’s still a shock for me. I think abt him everyday. Don’t know where he could be right now. I know what u guys go through is lot more than what I could live everyday. I’ve seen my brother suffering. He was a strong man. The right hand of my parents. I feel for all of you looking for help. It’s not am easy battle. It’s painful for all the families too who don’t know what would be the next step. We can only try our best. I wanted to ask if as close relative do we need to have scans done. I read something abt it. I didn’t quite understand. My brothers avm triggered at age of 30. I’m 36 and I have another brother age 38. It can be something genetic. I don’t have regular headaches only sometimes which I assume could be related to sinus. My older brother asked me abt it too but I don’t know if blood test can pick up anything or only scans.
Regards Sonia

Sonia...My neurosurgeon told me that a Brain AVM is not genetic, therefore, my family did not need to be tested. However, I feel the best for you would be to talk to your doctor. My AVM was discovered when I had a MRI...I do not believe a blood test is what a doctor would recommend.

Again, please talk to an AVM special doctor.