Do/Did Your Symptoms Come and Go, or Were They Continuous?

Hello everyone. I found out about my AVM in January, but I've been getting increasingly more neurological symptoms for the past 4 years. After reading through the forum, I am beginning to wonder if my symptoms are all the AVM, or if there are other underlying conditions as previously thought. I see the neurologist in a few weeks.

My question is whether or not your symptoms were continuous or if they were more of a come and go scenario?

My symptoms all come and go, for the most part. I always have a headache to some degree, but others like tinnitus, primary stabbing headaches, dystonia, slurred speech, blurred/double vision, etc., only happen on occasion. They have been increasing in frequency, but are not continuous.


same here...none of them are continuous....except for some degree of all of them are On & Off but very regularly... :) m 12 yrs post surgery with this kind of symptoms.... can only learn to adapt myself to this NEW me...

Good luck to you.

Bangalore, India

Thanks for the reply. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one...

Welcome! This site keeps us together. I try to remain spiritual, but some days are getting more worse. Has or will surgery be done on your AVM? I've read that a 2 or 3 healing process after surgery can fix us back to normal. I'm not an expert at all, as my doctors don't know much (3 months in hospital for stroke, then cyber-knife). Mental problems and pain can get me very depressed, so I pray a lot, and stay in touch with this web site. Hope you are doing ok!

Hi! No surgery has been done yet. I have a Neuro. Eval. in two weeks, and then depending on what he says, I will see a Neurosurgeon in May to discuss the possibility of surgery or other treatment. I'm doing alright for now. The symptoms can be a bit frightening at times, however. I hope you are doing well, too.

Welcome Arinai, same here symptoms come and go.. I find that they are worse when I am tired, I have daily headaches but my left sided weakness is definitely worse at the end of the week and if I over do it.. Stay strong and the group is always here for you..

Same here. Except my vertigo and my leg weakness is constant. My dystonia and my tremors come and go. My headaches vary. I usually have a window in the morning when I'm not to bad. But.. as the day goes on, I get worst and I need to lay down for a while. I find it interesting that you mentioned tinnitus. I just started with that about a month ago (in my right ear).


Hmmm... well, thanks for the reply. I really had no idea how symptoms present with AVMs but its looking like my symptoms could definitely be caused by the AVM. That makes me pretty hopeful that its not something worse or untreatable.

And yes, I've been having tinnitus for about a year now. In my case, I'm not sure if its from my AVM or my TMJ dysfunction, but it could go either way. I have no way of knowing until one of them is treated.

I haven't gotten the answer to what's causing my tinnitus either. I see my dr next month And I'm going to bring it up again.

Good luck! I hope you find out what's causing it. =]