Dizziness/Increased PMS after cranio

Hello, everyone. Its been awhile since my last post, but I'm hoping some of my fellow female AVM survivors have some input on a problem I am having.

About monthly, although I haven't tracked it to be certain, I develop a marked dizziness/unbalanced feeling. I had several strokes during my AVM resection, one of which was in my cerebellum, aka balance center of the brain, so I am not surprised I have this after effect, although I sure do wish it would go away. I am wondering if any of you have had these dizziness/unbalanced symptoms more toward when you are about ready to begin menstruating. I know this is a personal subject, but I am wondering if maybe this is something common among female AVM patients, especially those where the cerebellum was involved.

I also experience increased irritability during the "PMS" time of the month, seeminly moreso that prior to my surgery. I am wondering if this is also somehow related.

Any info on shared similar experiences would be greatly appreciated.

I hope everyone is doing well. Hang in there. It gets better.

Hi there it was very interesting to read your post. My 16 year old daughter suffers terribly with her monthly. She had a bleed from her brain avm a year ago. She even passes out and her avm symptoms always appear worse. I am positive that this is connected although the doctors don't agree. Because of her avm the doctors won't allow her to take any contraception which is a shame as this would help with the terrible time she has each month although we are waiting to hear if she is allowed the coil.
All the best to you.

UAMS has discovered that AVMs have progesterone receptors and respond to hormonal activity. It doesn't seem illogical to me for a doctor to say that oral contraceptives are contraindicated and at the same time say that menstrual hormonal activity has nothing to do with the worsening of avm symptoms. Many female members here have reported avm changes during their monthly cycles.

Lisa she should be ok with the old fashioned Coil as there are no hormones released from it unlike the new fancy ones, Before my Brain AVM was discovered I was on the contraceptive Pill but started having symptoms of a stroke so my doctor took me off straight away and I had the coil put in and never had any problems it xxx

Thats good to hear Wendy x