Delayed Radiosurgery

Hi guys, I was due to have stereotactic Radiosurgery on the 14th March, Just 2 days away! Unfortunately it has been put on hold due to testing positive for the hospital bug known as mrsa. I am now on a strong dose of antibiotics and must have 3 clear mrsa tests done before they will re-book. Very disappointing, was not even aware I had the bug!! Been eagerly awaiting radiosurgery to get me on my road to recovery, almost feeling as tho this avm has a new symptom each week. Looking forward to it being over and done with. Here in New Zealand there is only 1 hospital in the whole country that deals with radiosurgery which just happens to be at the opposite end of the country to me, on the upside we have a fantastic health system that covers all costs of treatment, flights, taxi's etc. Hoping I can rid myself of the bug soon!!

Hi Jill. My 90 yr old Uncle had surgery and contracted MRSA. He beat it and so can you!

Stay Strong, JillNZ!

Hiya JillNZ, keep positive you will get back on the road to recovery soon x I’m scheduled for gamma knife in couple of weeks, i went for mrsa test today, get my results back at the end of week…

Hi Jill! Sorry to hear of the delay. This stuff can be soooooo frustrating. Having the AVM is bad enough. To have it compounded by something like MRSA is just not right. I suppose there is no use complaining, but still, we understand! Seems like a good time to go fishing, or perhaps take a quiet walk in the Kauri forest. As I recall, it isn't terribly far from Kerikeri. I have only had the opportunity to do it once, but that was enough to make me wish I was a lot closer to NZ! Inner peace is hard to find when you are dealing with things like an AVM. I hope you have a special place where you can go at times like this. I hope things work out well for you and that nasty MRSA gets snuffed out quickly.

Fire Buddy

Thanks everyone for your well wishes, and good luck Gee for yr results. Fire buddy, fishing sounds like a great plan, I have organised my hubby for thursday :) The kauri forest is only about 5 minutes from our house and we have a large beautiful waterfall/ waterhole at the bottom of our section that is just great for time out. Due back at the doc friday for further mrsa tests, hoping these come back clean :) Cant really say I am looking forward to GK but looking forward to getting on the road to recovery :)