Decision Made

After much pondering, i have finally decided to go with radiosurgery called Novalis Protocol in Singapore General Hospital. It was a tough decision to make where the doctors did very little to help me with this decision. One said that if I refused any treatment then theres no point seeing her again, another said “its up to you, I can only tell you the pros and cons”. He didnt even suggest which treatment should I take based on my avm size, location and my age.Nevertheless a non invasive treatment is a preferred choice. So the appointment will be set for the payment and the mask making. Will update on the outcome soon.

All the best Kyle, 5cm avm is consider huge and it is indeed not an easy decision, as you have no serious symptoms. …

Hope everything goes well for you.

Best wishes,


All the best to you Kyle. Since a non invasive treatment is the preferred choice and you did not have a bleed feel confident that it is the right path. I am doing alot of research on surgery/ radiation and in adults it seems as if surgery may not be the first choice. On Columbia presbyterian Hospital weill Cornell in NYC there web site under neurosurgery access the area for Health professionals and there is a video web pod labelled something like ARUBA and it goes into the risk of bleed etc. in a non bleeding AVM found it very informative.
All the best to you