Daniel now is 15 years old

Daniel is doing great today after a bleeding and three craniotomies!!


Oh my I didn't know having 3 Crainiotomy I didn't that. Is it because it came back????

hi really God is so good He answer our prayers..im so blest and encourage to know the story of Daniel,by Gods grace my girl Kristel turn 8 just this month..and shes doing fine.as of now still waiting for MRI or angiogram to be done this july prayerfully and hoping she will be Avm free..All the Glory i gave to our God


Just saw this pic of Daniel, what a good looking young man. I will never forget the support I received from you and the group when we first learned of Andrew's AVM. Hope all is well with your family. Andrew graduated high school and will begin college in the fall. By the date of the posting Daniel is 16 now. Wow! They grow up so fast.

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Hi dear Janice. Daniel now is 19yo and since the third surgery has been seasure free. I hope Andrew is doing great!!!

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Hi Stella itbdid not come back. The third surgery was for the seizures caused by the scar tissue after the bleeding. How is your son? All the best.

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Hi, my avm survivor developed epilepsy 9 yrs post avm bleed. Due to scar tissue. She has been seizure free for over 2 yrs after the meds finally controlled them. Next week going in for eeg and possibly start weaning off meds. Her seizures were visual and only at night falling in and out of REM sleep. I pray she does ok and we can get her off of at least one rx! Your son is handsome, God bless

Hi. I am sorry for the late reply. I’ve been ou of this community for top long. My son had to to a third surgery. I this case for epilepsy. Ir das 6 years ago. Te is great since then nas wheaning off medications. Hoje os tour daughter? Hope she is doing great.

She is great right now. Going Tuesday for the EEG and will likely start weaning off meds then. Prayers for your son, i hope he is well!

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