Daisy needs help

Hi I had a Reptured AVM on Feb 10th 2012 and was treated at St Joseph's in St Paul Mn. I have had a pretty good recover it was on my left side of my Brain it hit in my motor and speech area. So far may right leg is doing the best able to walk by myself and do stairs and stairs. My right arm is still week and not a full range of motion yet.
Speech is the slowest I can communicate fairly well but have a problem getting my point out, I know the words just can not speak them.

I am having issues with dizziness and it is not vertigo it is just this weird feeling and the room seems to spin and my right side of my face feels numb all the time lots of sinus issues. Would love to hear from anyone who has had any of these issues and for how long would help me a lot.

Hi Daisy, I am so happy you are able to walk! I worked with a pt and ot that said I was not using my shoulder. They really help me get range back. I wish you the best of luck!

Hello Daisy. My AVM was in the frontal & postiera {spelling is wrong) lol; lobes and have had speech problems ever since. I understand your frustration with knowing the words but not being able to get them out! Do you have any rehab close to you? I had Speech Therapy for 10mths & this helped me incredibly. Take care of you Daisy, as brain surgery take quite some time to heal. All the best to you!