Long time no see everyone, I did my craniotmy last year. I went to rehabilitation center this year because my balance isn’t good.The doctor said he never seen avm large like I have.


Hello! Good to hear from you!

How are you doing? Is the rehab having some benefit? There are always members who are going through rehab and to be able to share a bit of experience, especially if it is making a difference, sharing can be really helpful.

Very best wishes,



Hey @Jimmy1103 ! Glad to see your making do! From a fellow AVM survivor, just know there are those in this group who are rooting for you! Hope you have a wonderful life, week, and more! Blessings as you continue!


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Hey Jim,

Hope your rehab is going well. Did you have a rupture prior to surgery?

Also, did the doctor mention that you would need rehab to the degree that you do prior to choosing surgery?

Hello Mike
Sorry for the late reply. And thank you, luckily, all is well. Yes, I had a rupture before the surgery, but it was not severe. I had an embolization for my avm, only the bleeding point. And the doctors have faith that they did a perfect surgery, so that they believe I’m able to recover as the same situation as before the surgery. However, they didn’t mention too much consequences for the post surgery, only several medical terms. Perhaps, they worried if I knew the severe consequences, I would not choose craniotomy, lol. But open surgery is the only way to get the rid of this terrible disease completely. If let me choose one more time, I will still insist craniotomy, I have spent 3 years to adapt the new me, I would rather spend more time to rehab, than left the rest of my life on endless panic.


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