Covid Vaccination Concerns & Curiosity!

Hey AVM Community!
So I really wanted to create wide discussion as to whether (1) any of the Covid-19 vaccine(s) come with dangerous or harmful side effects (those of which may badly effect recovery/healing progress post-stroke)?? If everyone is saying they’ve already been vaccinated; (2) do yall know which is the best vaccine to get? cause I’ve been reading the best vaccine for stroke patients in the UK is Moderna. Lastly, (3) would it be a problem to participate in a stem cell procedure for clinical trial if you’ve been already vaccinated?

Just wanna hear everyones perspective on the topic!
Peace and Love yall!

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Hey, DewmasterDuce! It’s been ages, how have you been? Great to see you here again.

The BIG Covid questions

People come to Ben’s Friends with questions. That’s why we’re here. But these days the biggest questions almost all have to do with Covid vaccines.

The advice we give here is friend-to-friend. It’s not evidence-based medical advice, even if many of us see ourselves as experts in our own conditions. Opinions and advice about Covid vaccines is waaaay outside our area of expertise!

When we have questions about vaccines (and trust us, we do!) we depend on the expert scientists and doctors who have dedicated their lives to the study of their specialty, and we look to the doctors who know us best. And that’s what we advise you to do. Look to Drs. Tony Fauci, Supriya Sharma, and Jenny Harries and their learned colleagues around the globe for the best advice that you can get. Because it is.

Yes, we have opinions, and gut feelings too, but it would be unfair to suggest that you make your decision based on our (or anyone else’s) gut feeling.

So read what the experts say, and when it comes to deciding what to do, ask your doctor. When it comes to a Covid question related to your rare condition, run it by your specialist. When I did, here was her answer: “I’d rather take my chances with the vaccine than with the disease.”

And I’m going with that. Asking for opinions in a group of lay people is only going to confuse matters, and goodness knows the world is confusing enough as it is.

Ask the docs. Peace and love to you too!


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