My 16th birthday's in 7 days. I'm counting down. You can count with me.

*radio static and crackle*

Houston Mission Control,...

T minus 7 days and counting down,...To Brooke's Sweet 16th Birthday.

*radio static and crackle*

Countdown to your sweet sixteen Brooke!!! Counting down with you:-) Any big plans???

Countdown to your "special" 16th Birthday Brooke
Then.... """""TAKE OFF"""""

Whens ur birthday??? My birthday is this sunday nov. 4

Countdown = 6 days! :)

The 5.

We celebrate bonfire night over here in the U.K. with fireworks and family fun etc. I'll set off a special firework for you honey :)

Countdown = 5 days :)

Countdown = 4 days :)

*radio static and crackle*

Houston Mission Control,...

We Have a Brooke's Sweet 16th Birthday, I repeat, We Have a Brooke's Sweet 16th Birthday.

Mission accomplished, Well done everyone.

*radio static and crackle*

Happy Birthday Brooke,...May this day be a wonderful and beautiful day for you.

WHOOSH....TAKE OFF ACCCOMPLISHED....****Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Brooke****

Today is such a special day for you Brooke, may it be full of happiness, joy and love.

Just think Brooke if you were in Australia…you would be 16 already!

happy b-day!!

At Brooke, your sweet 16 day is finally here. Happy happy birthday to you. May you have a fun filled day with good health and happiness:-)